Prenatal Low Impact Cardio Workout [ Exercise During Pregnancy][Prenatal Cardio Workout]

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This is a simple low impact cardio workout during pregnancy.  I think you will enjoy this full 20 min prenatal cardio workout dance routine with no equipment needed.

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Thanks to Jessica Smith

Join fitness instructor Jessica Smith and her sister Courtney for this gentle (but active) low impact cardio session that can be done at any point during pregnancy (with your doctor’s clearance first). Try it barefoot, or keep your shoes on if you prefer, and just go with the flow! Even if you aren’t expecting, it’s a feel good flowing cardio session that can be done easily in a small space at home without impact (making it great for anyone with downstairs neighbors).

Level: All

Equipment: None (not even shoes!)

Intensity: Low to Moderate


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Elnaz Ghafoori says:

Best workout video ever! Feeling physically and mentally refreshed. Thank you, Jessica!

Fatima Arooj says:

hi jessica….this is my 1st month can i start this workout plz plz plz rply…bye from oman

charlene says:

loved this workout! I've done it several times now and the weights one. Makes me feel better right away and I like your prenatal workouts much more than having to modify my regular workouts 🙂 wish I had done these with the first two kiddos, but I have 4 months left with this one! thanks again!

Kauser AbdulMalek ali says:

The best prenatal workout. I am in my 15th week. It feels so good after this workout. I wannabe doing it everyday.

Lisa Edwards says:

This was GREAT!! Thank you SO SO SOOOO much! I am about 24 weeks and it is time to modify my workouts… so I am searching for the perfect ones that work for me! You have such a good fun spirit and your workout actually did give me a light sweat! I will deff be hitting the subscribe button and searching your other videos! Again, thank YOU! xo

Laila Seraj says:

I'm about 6 months pregnant and haven't worked out since before becoming pregnant. This workout is great to steadily work up a sweat and doesn't hurt my baby ! I plan on doing this every morning 🙂

Kris Note says:

I absolutely love this workout! I wish you had more parental workouts. I am 25 weeks along and worked out 3 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes before I was pregnant. What other videos on your channel that would you recommend that would be safe for me to use that would give a good workout. I know how to adapt things to being pregnant. I sometimes do that with some of the fitness blenders workouts. Please help! : )

Nolan & Amber says:

Thank you soo much for this video! I used it alternating with your prenatal strength and stretch videos almost everyday through most of my pregnancy. You are so uplifting and very good at what you do. I credit a large part of being able to have a natural birth to being healthy and in good shape before the birth, which was all because of your videos! Now I'm turning to your other videos to help get my postpartum body back in shape! -A

Jane Tan says:

Great video, Jessica!

Rachael Hughes says:

Great workout!  I am 3 and half months and this was just what I was looking for!  Thank you so much!

RockyMountainMermaid says:

Thank you sooo much for this awesome video! I have tried to work out off and on during my pregnancy, but now being in my 3rd trimester, it's becoming more difficult. Your videos are always so fun and I feel accomplished when I get finished. You are such a positive inspiration; thank you again. 🙂

Titilayo Olaniyi says:

This is a great video ,im 25weeks pregnant and this is my first time of working out with this pregnancy..actually i couldnt finish the workout i stopped @ 12:45..hopefully tomorrow it will get better

andreasblog21 says:

This is great thanks Jessica! Been exercising before I got pregnant with you and now I get to continue to wrkout with you! So happy to see these videos =)

Christina T. says:

Thank you!!! Awesome workout! I'm in my 7th month and can get all the way through this. I love that it focuses on the backside.

cj bello says:

I love these videos! It's great to actually feel like I'm working out during pregnancy

uche says:

i love this cardio…gentle and effectictive…love it love it love it…welldone jessicasmith…💪

Emily Machado says:

Thank you so much Jessica!! I just hit 30 weeks in my pregnancy and finding this cardio workout's been a gem! Excited to follow along with more of your videos! 😀

Hailey Pruitt says:

BEST Pregnancy workout I have found so far. Muscles are definitely working but I'm not having to stop to calm my heart rate. Love the tempo and it didn't really feel like working out but towards the end of each exercise I can feel my muscles working. Love the fact that you are working out the abs, many videos don't because its not encouraged but I'm so happy that now I have a few things I can do to tighten that area up! this video is perfect. Definitely going to be a cardio workout for every week! Thank you!

celinsenbardt says:

I am at 38 weeks and this is the best third trimester cardio workout I've found so far! It kept my heart rate up but not peaking, offered ways to slow down or challenge, and stayed upright the whole time (important if you've got relux). I love that it incorporates the full body and doesn't require equipment. I feel refreshed afterward. For people who can't make it the whole way through, I say go as far as you can, then the next day go a little longer, and so on, and your body will build the endurance. Thank you so much!

cccck says:

this was awesome! thanks, u two. and ur doggy is adorable💛

Doly Dlna says:

I'm 32 weeks, today I tried ur cardio simultaneously with ur video, on just 18 min I felt exhausted so I stop continuing… tomorrow will try again…
thank you

Karrie Lamarche says:

Hi, I am currently almost 35 weeks and I have been walking and doing a prenatal strength workout since 5 months 5 days a week. I needed a cardio workout as an alternative or addition to walking. I looked through A LOT of youtube videos and I was drawn to this one as soon as I watched the first few min. I loved it! I feel so fantastic! Your music, your instruction and energy are perfect. The moves you used were so relaxing as well as challenging for the legs and cardiovascular system. 🙂 Thank you so much for making this video. I look forward to doing it often until babes is born!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are soooo good at what you do. 😀

Andrea Burgwin says:

This is awesome. I've been doing your regular workouts but recently they've become harder for me. This one was perfect!!!

Claire McCafferty says:

Does anyone know if Jessica Smith does postnatal workout videos too?

Suzann Palmour says:

This was a great low-impact workout! My 3 year-old even joined me and had fun with it. (Love the little French bulldog's appearance in the video) 😉

Danielle S says:

I am in love with that dog! And this seems like a great video!

Petite Busy Bee says:

that was a great work out thank you 🙂 I love your dog just so cute

betsyforever32 says:

how long should a pregnant women workout for ?

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