Low Impact Workout – 36 min Kettlebell HIIT Sculpt, Cardio Kettlebell HIIT Workout (Full Body)

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This Low Impact Cardio Kettlebell High Intensity  Workout will increase your stamina.  Grab a kettlebell and start this Full Body Kettlebell HIIT Sculpt routine.

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_bbblackbird 35 says:

Doing this at six months pregnant is definitely a different experience than my hours of hiit energy pre baby. Well I take breaks every interval
To go to the bathroom but I'm doing it!!!!!!

Deb V says:

Barefoot, bell day…followed by Shaun T's abs. Winning, thanks Shelly. Adore this one, glistening to the max!

ps Just had to add, I too love burners at the end! 😉

Lisa Magin says:

You killed me! I love it. Your energy is infectious 💪

J Cameron says:

Kick butt workout! Love the surprise at the end! Thanks for another great workout!

Jinky says:

Great workout! Thank you!


AWESOME SHELLY!! Thank you so much!

Jegan Alexander Simon says:

liked, sub'd and shared! Hoping for great things from you! WOW! I am gonna be sore 😰😨😂

Laura Zeffer says:

love it, what a nice change from your other types of workouts. the cardio punch out at the end, ha ha, was the best!

Dorian Johnson says:

I put some of my clients through this today. Amazing workout

Bev Wycherley says:

Fantastic, come across this weekend when searching YouTube for kettle bell workouts. one of my favs done this a few times Shelly. Love your workouts x 😁

The Bra Doctor says:

ok… so this work out was awesome on the sweat and work your butt factor!! I am not smiling because all my muscles are jello!! I would FOTFLOL at myself but… I might get stuck there!! OMG!!! hugs and much love! Keep up the great work.. how you come up with these routines! Talent! My sweat has sweat!!

Kirsten Holmes says:

That was really fun! I had really low motivation earlier but forced myself to workout and I really got into this workout! Sweaty mess now!

Angela Alston, LADC, MSW, LMSW says:

I thank God for you! Your videos are fun, the music is great, and every time you ask me if I'm smiling I'm usually not so I find that funny.
I have been exercising for over 20 years was doing Crossfit last 3 years but when I decided I couldn't go back due to knee issues I didn't know where to turn. These workouts are more challenging than I thought. I really enjoy them.

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