Low Impact Resistance Bands Workout| – Low Impact Home Resistance Band Exercises (20 min)

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This is awesome Low Impact Resistance Band Workout that anyone can do at home.  Great for Beginners or Seniors who need to increase their flexibility and strength.   Appreciate that instructions are also provided in Spanish.

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Courtesy of Coach Kozak

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Ralitsa Gologanova says:

hope to see more resistance band workouts — thank you guys for EVERYTHING!

Michael Toso says:

Curtsy Lunge and Sword Draw x 10 each side
Side Lunge + Side Raise x 10 each side
Windmill x 10 each side
Front Trap Raise x 10
Front Squat x 10
Alternating Curls x 10 each arm
Split Drop Squat + Press x 10 each side
Low Cable Fly x 10
Seated Russian Twist x 30 seconds
Sumo Front Squat x 10
Reverse Fly (Band Crossed) x 10
Side Triceps Kickback (Band Crossed) x 10
RDL (Band Doubled) x 10
Upright Row x 10
Wood Chops (Split Stance) x 10 each side
Push Up x 10

Laura C says:

I had the hardest time finding you again. Glad I used the right search phrase.

fermin3251 says:

Is there any way you can do another video like this?

Bernice Ellinghausen says:

Can't follow you exactly, but a great work out! Trying to improve my strength.

Devin Seals says:

I enjoyed how good the workout was for sure. I would like to see some close caption of what its called, so i can put it down in my journal. fruit for thought.

Beverley Collingwood says:

For a beginner a workout that I can do and keep up with. Impressed and feel as though I have done something.

AC130Pwnt says:

i only got half way through 🙁 havnt worked out in yrs though

Blima Spetner says:

very very good

Joel Gaspar says:

Great idea to workout multiple body parts with the bands. Can't wait to try these workouts.

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