Low Impact HIIT Workout Routine for Home (EZ On Your Knees) (No Equipment)

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This Low Impact HIIT Workout Routine is Easy on Your Knees and can be done in the comfort of your home. It is great for beginners and only takes about 16 minutes to get great cardio workout with a little less stress on your knees.  The key is always to use moderation when exercises so you don’t injury yourself and modify the exercises as you deem necessary…

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(Courtesy of the Body Coach) INSTRUCTIONS:

Do each exercise for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds rest, repeat each exercise 4 times.

– Glute bridges

– Punches with 1 knee

– Ankle touches

– 3 uppercuts with 1 kick

– Superman squeeze

– Straight punches

– Overhead punches

– Walk down, press, stand-up


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Topaz5866 says:

Awesome! Thank you for sharing this video!

Hawk Eye says:

Hey sir you really need to tone your chest area, as your moobs really show , especially when you do that kiddy shadow boxing thing..

Amanda H says:

I've really enjoyed watching you and your videos, and have really enjoyed the low impact knee series. I have bad knees but I also have mild scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine. It can be very painful at times when trying to exercise. I'm trying to stay in shape and for the most part successful, but as I get older it's harder and harder to get on the floor and do anything where I have to even partially roll on the floor even with a thick mat. Most ab workouts consists of this type of exercise or some form of serious twisting, is there a way to do a work out that is low impact on the knees and low impact on the spine? Thanks! Much appreciation!

Monica Wanjiru says:

Greetings from Nairobi! Thank you for this! Great for my recovering knee! 👍👍👍

allybally0 says:

Great workout for even my dodgy damaged knee! Big thumbs up.

Hannah Singleton says:

Absolutely love this work out! I sweat so much after (and during) feel amazing, can do it any time of the day, but defiantly first thing in the morning and it wakes me up for the day!!

Siobhan Smith says:

When he says to make sure you've warmed up he's not kidding. I thought 25 minutes of yoga including lots of hamstring and calf stretches would be enough, but no. I'd just stretched my muscles but not warmed them. 5 minutes in whilst doing the ankle touches I pulled both hamstrings and had to stop and I literally cannot walk or stand up or sit down unaided. I will ALWAYS be doing his HIIT warm up beforehand I'm future and use yoga as a cool down. Heed my words

Landmuradin says:

Love this HIIT video, on days when I'm feeling lazy I can do this video and bam done..

Nicole Luck says:

I loved this! I'm a weight lifter who has recently suffered a knee injury so I'm limited at the gym for a while. This didn't hurt my kbee at all. Definitely will help me on my recovery! Thank you!

Divyansh Alleppa says:

thanks a lot, this helps a lot.
perfect work out for any time ! awesome ! you rock !

stubbsyla2 says:

That was great for my knees, can we have more hiit workouts that don't involve impact on the knees but still make you sweat. Thank you

Scott Taylor says:

Thanks so much Joe!  I have a bad left knee that means I have to be very wary of certain exercises. I have not worked out in any capacity for a long time and need something to get me started again.  Found this channel and it had me up this morning and in to it!  I look forward to checking out more and more!!  Cheers!!

Duane Gooden says:

How often can this workout be done?

Katie Burke says:

Can I use this for my HIIT in cycle 1 of SSS?

Sarah Granville says:

Hi, I try and do my workouts in the morning, but often my back needs extra time to get going otherwise I could do myself an injury! Could you do something that is low impact for the back, but at the same time works the back and gives an all round good workout? Thanks Sarah

Marrs Attaxx says:

Extend your outro a little longer to give peeps time to like and subscribe before the next video auto starts… Thanks for the awesome work outs Joe, big love from Melbourne Australia.! Oi Oi…

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