Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners |Beginner Cardio Workout | Recovery Cardio Workout

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This low impact beginner workout will help you burn fat and lose weight.  It is also a great recovery cardio workout. Also great for Low Impact Senior Workouts.  Easy on your joints…

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Courtesy of Fitness Blender

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Aiana Studio says:

I was trainning everyday with FitnessBlender, and i get a good resistance, i made it in like 3 months. But i left trainning for like 2 months then and i lost a lot of that resistance. This trainning is helping me to gain it again. I sweat a lot, and i get tired very quickly. That's so good, that's why i want to thank you… this time i'm not gonna give up! I love you Kelli and Daniel <3

Teresa Chavez says:

I really love these low impact workouts…I am no beginner but I do these when I'm sore from strength training and still want to get in a workout..thank you fitnessblender.

Mary Carr says:

my 10 year old daughter and I have tried a lot of video workouts lately. some were called beginner but the instructor did these "show off" yoga poses that we couldn't possibly do as beginners, some just called out moves but gave no encouragement or alterate moves to stay in the routine. your work out keep us interested, offered moves we could actually do (an look forward to trying the more challenging moves as we progress), and really motivated us to come back and do it again. THANKS!!
p.s. i already feel great and ready for a good day!!

Jenn G says:

Another EXCELLENT FB workout. I love how you continue to incorporate so much arm movement throughout the workout – thank you!

Geovani Budisari says:

Can this exercise increase stamina (endurance)? Btw, I've tried this exercise, there was a lot of sweat 😀 But, I can't do the push up one 🙁 It felt hurt when I tried to bent my arms 🙁

Larry Grimes says:

Thanks for this beginner cardio/workout. My wife and I are both 63 and I've been looking for something gentle that we can do together in the mornings. This might be just the thing. I'll let you know how it goes.

4myRN says:

I loved this workout! I try and move my body in some way for 30 minutes a day. On days it's not "a workout" I try and just walk. This is perfect for days that i need an alternative to walking. Thanks!

Rachel Miller says:

I LOVE this workout. I'm an intermediate beginner, and I did this one as a get-back-into-it after a couple of days skipping my workout – definitely ready for more tomorrow! I'm keeping this one in my playlist to do again at night when my body needs to move/relax after a stressful day. Thank you!

Eric Rinehart Piano TV says:

Can you do more of these easy light workouts please that are in the newer format! I love these thank you so much!

Rachel Naasz says:

I love this workout! It's exactly what I need when I'm done with my work in the office but not ready to face rush hour traffic. So relaxing!

Franny J says:

I love these low Impact Cardio workouts with cardio moves only for my days of Regeneration after HIIT stuff. Could you give us some more of these?Thank u so much, you´re amazing!!! <3

Teina Kore says:

I now plan on watching cooking shows on youtube!!!

Teina Kore says:

i ate ice cream before this work out….thank you Fitness Blender!!!!

Fun with the Salmons says:

I just want to say thank you for making these workouts!! I am 2 1/2 years post partum, just started really working out again a month and a half ago for the first time since I became pregnant! I was using a beginner workout you guys posted 3 years ago, and I love that one, but just found this one 2 days ago, and I love it too! Thank you for making easy, yet still challenging workouts that are fun!

Poonam Sharma says:

I really liked this workout. It helped me getting rid of my sore muscles from workout!! Great workout 🙂

Julie Smude says:

Coming back after a prolonged absence concentrating on exercises for recovery from hip replacement surgery. This workout was AMAZING. I wasn't able to keep up with everything and for some reason have never been able to do pushups (even in high school) but improvising for those with wall pushups worked just fine. I love being back after all this time.

Liane T. says:

I developed a bit of achilles tendonitis so this is perfect!

Ivanna Morales says:

Just finished this workout and I feel great!! Best channel EVER!!! Thank you .

Wendy Davis says:

I made my way back here after being diagnosed with a distorted SI joint and arthritis in my spine.
I have always been physically fit but at this stage of my life, I have to do gentler exercises.
Thank you FB 💙

Esther Acosta says:

I barely have 2wks working out. I have to say love your workouts. I like that every day I try something new and different and it's been making me feel so much better. I have more energy I'm able to focus better. It's been great Thank you for making great workout videos 🙏

svntrs says:

love. do you have other "recovery" workouts? Not just stretches?

Swahili Naptural says:

I'm on week 2 of FBFit round 1 (revisiting after doing the FBFit round 2 twice through!) and I was feeling a bit too sore today after my upper body workout yesterday so I picked this workout for a bit of recovery. Feeling soooo good now I just wanna eat and nap!

lamaterfamilias says:

This was a really great post c section workout. I am almost a month out and this is a great workout to start with to ease my way back in. Thank you! It feels great to move again.

Summer M says:

I thought this was going to be A LOT MORE difficult than it was! I managed to finish it! I'm very proud of myself because I willed myself out of bed to do this. I have a hard time getting motivated, but I knew I'd feel a lot better after the workout! And I do!

Casey Campbell says:

I love your videos! Thank you so much! XO

Charity O'Neal says:

This was perfect! I'm in the sixth week of Round 5 of your Eight Week Workout Programs, and it's been a rough one. My knees have been bothering me, so I didn't feel up to the full cardio workout that was on the docket, but I still wanted to do something and get moving. This fit the bill! Hopefully I'll be able to knock out the 1000 calorie workout tomorrow!

Nicole Sejuela says:

I love your workout videos!!!! I never thought working out would be so enjoyable

Angelica Potes says:

Just amazing, thank you very much!

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