Low Impact Cardio Workout (Beginner/intermediate) (30 min)

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Low-Impact Cardio Workout Routine that also helps your knees, shoulders and abs. Burn fat too.. Do these low impact exercises at home with no equipment needed. 30 minutes

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Leslie Davila says:

Who else suffers from Shin splints from running and needed a new cardio workout

Cosmic Kids! says:

you guys rock for reals!!! 🙂

Anthony Dell says:

Thanx. I really sweeted alot. Thumbs up.

Giulia Orazietti says:

love it!!! ;););)

Real de ocho Juman says:

How much calories does this workout burn? I did it already but I'm just wondering💕

Sean Potts says:

How many cals would this burn around for a typical over weight male

Eman Ahmed says:

how many calories?

Eve Eid says:

Day 1 : completed .. I'm sweating tooopp much

Precious Kenz says:

I try and finish the workout itself but I never finish with enough energy and stability to do the cool down 😑

brownie stars says:

i have fun with these5555 thank you very much #sotired

Ms Phillips says:

I have a question for Daniel? I'll ask it if I see you will reply. I started doing the cardio, but then life got too busy working two jobs. Now I'm left feeling at odds. I have lost 16 pounds. But that is because I also went to 1400 calorie intake. I have a question, but am waiting to see if you are hers to answer.

mayhs says:

this is my 3 day doing this and each time i keep doing a little more till I can do all 35min. and i'm actually feeling great and off course I'm sweating lots thankyou!!

Belen Moronta says:

Love you guys! First time ever I like doing gym!!!

Salma.saif37 says:

I like it 💃💃💃💓

Sara Shehta says:



This is perfect for me right now because I can't do anything high impact because of my foot! It's frustrating because I just want to do a HIIT workout but this works just as good and gets my energy out! Thanks

Yve R says:

This is it! I love this video. I am pretty fit, flexible, and strong but I need to lose about 20 lbs. and tone up in the hips, butt, thighs, and upper arms. I have done numerous exercise videos on YouTube, and have liked a few, but for the most part, the majority of the exercise videos are mediocre and lacking in effectiveness. When I first came across this video, I had been searching for 30-minute cardio workouts, I immediately knew after doing it that it was of Gold Star standards, free and on YouTube. I finally found the video that I need to get these 20-pounds off and tighten and tone and build up my strength, energy, and endurance, and judging from the comments posted for this video, many others feel the effectiveness of performing this exercise video, too. Now that I have this video I am happily giving the thumbs up, and I am definitely a new subscriber. I will be documenting my journey to better health and will love to share it in the future. Great video, and thanks so much for putting it out for us. Ciao, for now.

Thatsani .A says:

How many calories are there if I do this cadio ?

Mr. Procrastinator says:

im 34 and 220lbs and i can finish this workout without stopping or doing some additional rest, thanks guys!

Roxy Senpai says:

Did about 14 minutes I'll increase how long I do this 1 minute more per week. Wanting to get fit lol (I got really tired felt like I would collapse)

SuperFoxMulder says:

This is a solid workout. I was doing them THENX HIIT (45 sec on/15 off) cardio workouts, but I made the mistake of doing them barefoot. My feet were in serious pain after 3-4 weeks of doing them 3-4 times a week. I didn't want to rest, so it made things worse. I switched to this… and let me tell you… it doesn't look all that… but it's quite intense… and I don't have to worry about my feet getting smashed.

Good job. Good alternative.

Tina Angel says:

I'm 34 from Chicago USA
And I. Weigh 140bls. Used to be 160bls.

Tina Angel says:

Ty guys for posting this up here. It was fun. My muffin top is finally dissapearing. Ty.

annie w says:

i have a question how many calories will i burn if i finish doing this exercise

Shubhangi Pradhan says:

Thank you Daniel .. you are the best .. I was frustrated with my bad knees now I can do this ..

troy palmes says:

every time I think of giving up, I just look at Daniel's face and think about how I want to impress this beautiful creature infront of me. thanks, Daniel! you are so hot lol

Fart Knocker says:

Shit, all I could was 20 minutes. Tomorrow…22 minutes.

Yazmine Rosario says:

Loved it!! Had surgery so this was perfect 👌🏼. Anyone know how many calories burned with this? Roughly? Thx😄

Zahra Karimova says:

Cox gözəl nəticə verir təşəkkürlər

Lem mo says:

always love this started workout. Love the boxing type

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