Beginner Low-Impact Cardio Workout Routine [Toning] [30 min]

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Here’s a Beginner Low Impact Cardio Workout Routine to help toning your body and burn calories.  No Equipment needed so you can do this workout at home. 36 min workout

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ursula montoya r says:

very good. Tkanks

Brunette Bomber says:

I enjoyed this workout. I was cracking up at the same time. These ladies made me laugh. 🙂

W. Rankins says:

I don't think I've ever sweated so hard doing low-impact. I loved every minute of it!

Diana Dueñas says:

Low-impact??. Beginners???. I'm dying here!.

Stacey Brossia says:

Hi. Are there more workouts like this? I don't have total use of my left foot. I can't do most cardio workouts and that ones I can do, tend to be a bit too easy. This one really worked! I loved this one. I would love to add more like this to my routine because I really need cardio.

Spotlessmind says:

this was amazing I'm sweating I usually do intense workouts but this was way better because of the focus on the breath I was able to push myself it reminded me of yoga and I'm not in pain

Dena Swords says:

I absolutely love her n her workouts

Leilani Diaz says:

Exactly what I was looking for! No frills, no equipment needed, and easy on the joints. Thank you so much!

Kamilla Kurbanova says:

soooo fire!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

momob6a says:

How is that beginner's workout??? I couldn't go for more than 5 minutes and my knees gave!!! It's a great channel but you should totally choose your titles and descriptions realistically!!

Ieva Čekstere says:

really amazing workout for beginners! thanks

rae clarke says:

loved the workout!! i made it through the whole thing ! thumbs up guys!!

Murray Enders says:

thanks for the great video, I definitely broke a sweat during that one. Just a note for the audio you might want to figure out something different for the breathing because the Shh sound they make on their exhale can be quite distracting.

Gina Young says:

I loved the energy of the instructor and the variety of exercises she did. It's quite different from many of the typical exercises you'd find in a cardio workout. Overall, great!

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