30 min Low Impact Cardio Workout [Total Body Toning][At Home]

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Awesome 30 minute Low Impact Cardio Workout for you to use at home.  No Equipment is needed in this Total Body Cardio Workout Routine.  You will burn fat while toning your body too….

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Pamela says:

all time favorite as my prep for a more challenging workout this coming week! thanks Kelly!

Cosmic Kids! says:

i really like this one, thanks for the channel! love from lima peru

richa soni says:

Can i do this daily morning to gain weight

Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

Can you make a 30 + minute high intensity, low impact HITT workout?

John Galvin says:

Kelly, do you ever perspire with your workout? I was drenched, well my T was. Still makes me feel good though now I've had a bath.

iDeal says:

Wow wth, didn't expect this to be hard. Been doing those hiits videos by you guys try to switch things up but surprisingly this was pretty challenging

Elham Baktshian says:

Thankyou so much fitnessblender! With your help i lost 8 pounds in 29 days ❤️

Jessica mai says:

Does this tone out your body?

lbc562 says:

I did it. It was hard for me and I had trouble with the planks but I did it. I am working on leading a healthier lifestyle and incorporating exercise daily. Thank you FB this single mom appreciates you. #workoutcomplete

asukachan07 says:

I've been working out with Kelli and Daniel for over 3 years and I always come back to this routine. It's my first video on my workout playlist and I love it because I'm stronger and have more endurance each time I do it again.
Thank you always for sharing, Kelli and Daniel!

John Galvin says:

I did this one a few weeks back, so I had a reasonable idea of what I was putting myself up for… so I thought, how wrong can you be,? That was tough but worth it, thanks again, you guys are brilliant.

Charles VanderLinden says:

Thank you Fitness Blenders! I am a 59 yr old male and was looking for a good, hard, low impact workout, and you delivered with this! It took me a solid 2 weeks before I could get through it all without pausing to catch my breath but it's all good now. Keep it up!

Amna Hassan says:

how many people have lost their weight with this video??
plzzz reply

Aleksandra Dzombic says:

did it today ☺

Fatima Tarek says:

I can't make the push up omg……… oh yes I don't do something seriously I am laying on bed lol

Rssr says:

Wonderful workout! Thank you fitnessblender!

YKL Edits says:

it is a good workout when you come back from a rest week

dominique windrim says:

I thought this was beginner but it was so painful and hard I guess that means I'm out of shape 😅 Either way I finished all the way through!!

asma Malik says:

its good one to doit while fasting i did in on ramdan

John Galvin says:

Well, I fancied an easy-ish 30 min workout today and got just what I ordered. Thanks guys:)

Kelly Blankenship says:

Good easy workout…

Shereen Seyam says:

Great work out while fasting in Ramadan 🙂 Thanks

eugene says:

day 1 : my back hurts when i do the fly and soaring thing
            im gonna make it to day 30. not gonna give up this time.

Nwaar shirazi says:

من أجمل التمارين الرياضيthanks kille ❤

Katlyn Causey says:

best part is hearing that your workout is complete 😅

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